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Our aviation programs and services are built on over 24 years and thousands of hours of professional experience in a TBM, Pilatus, and CE-525 Series aircraft.


Founder, Instructor, Mentor and Line Pilot

Zach is an ATP-rated, 24-year veteran pilot with over 8,400 hours of flying experience, including more than 3,800 hours of turboprop experience.

His pilot career took off in 1998 when he was a freshman at Metropolitan State University of Denver. After graduating college and logging countless hours in the air, he’s discovered something he loved even more than flying—teaching others how to fly safely! While holding a full-time job at Jeppesen, he began instructing in the mornings and evenings, excited to pass on his knowledge to a new generation of exceptional, safety-minded pilots. In 2007, he was hired to fly and manage a TBM, and in 2011 he added Pilatus PC12 to his repertoire. By that time he’s logged thousands of hours of flying time in over 25 countries. In 2018, eager to fly jets, he took a job at Pinnacle Aviation based in Scottsdale, AZ. During his three and half years there, he logged an additional 1,400 hours in a CE-525 series aircraft and learned a tremendous amount about crewed cockpits, aviation safety and Part 135 operations. His true passion, however, remains unchanged to this day. He’s excited to get back to his client base and continue serving TBM and Pilatus communities by teaching and enhancing aviation safety, one owner-operator at a time.



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In 2015, I met a very successful businessman who, after a lifetime of dreaming, decided to upgrade from a Beech Bonanza to the TBM850—a turbine, pressurized aircraft that can go much higher, farther and faster than his beloved piston-powered Bonanza. Not only did he take the quantum leap from piston to turbine, he also decided to take on the challenge of learning how to pilot his high-performance aircraft himself. As he began looking into training options, he realized this task is not to be taken lightly.


After talking to several dealers, insurance agents and friends, the businessman was still trying to get his head around the process of setting up a safe and fun program to run his newly acquired—and very expensive—asset. Turns out there’s a lot more steps and considerations to flying a plane than choosing the paint color!


Frustrated by too many options, this businessman reached out to me. After just a few meetings, we hashed out insurance, base fuel prices, and—most importantly—a training schedule that fit his specific needs. He was planning on using his aircraft primarily for business travel, so we began a program of flight training to essential locations. After several months of mentorship, my client felt like a new pilot. He had the technical knowledge to handle any problem that might arise and an arsenal of great habits, rehearsed to perfection, to keep him safe. Today, my client confidently flies himself all over the country.

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